In-home sessions take place at your home or office. I bring all my supplies with me. The space can be indoors or outdoors and will need enough room to accomodate the table and space around it to walk freely, without obstacles. (Approximately 7x5 feet of space)

Distance sessions are done remotely. We will have a consultation beforehand, via phone, text, or email. It is most enjoyable to have a quiet, relaxing space when receiving Reiki, but not necessary. For your safety, I do ask that you refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery during the session.

Group sessions are great for families, colleagues/employees, spa parties, bachelorette parties, cancer support groups, addiction support groups, nursing homes, senior centers, etc. Each session is typically shorter to accomodate the number of people participating, with larger groups receiving 10-minute sessions for each person and smaller groups 15-20 minutes. Sessions begin at a two-hour minimum for up to five people. Time includes all intake consultations for each person, set up, break down, etc.

Session Length and Type
  • 30-minutes, in-home/office

  • 60-minutes, in-home/office

  • 30-minutes, distance

  • 60-minutes, distance

  • Group, in-home/business (minimum 2 hours required)

Reiki Sessions

Reiki helps with a variety of issues, from anxiety and depression to easing the side effects of cancer treatments. Even if all you want is to feel blissfully relaxed, Reiki can do that. Reiki activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and when the nervous system is in this state, the body can better do what it's made to do - heal itself.

  • In-home Reiki (Grenada County):

    $45 for 30-minutes; $80 for 60-minutes

  • In-home Reiki, up to 60 miles outside Grenada:

    $55 for 30-minues; $90 for 60-minutes

  • In-home Reiki, 61-100 miles outside Grenada:

    $65 for 30 minutes; $100 for 60 minutes

  • Distance Reiki:

    $30 for 30-minutes; $60 for 60-minutes

  • Group Reiki:

    Tier 1: 2hrs; up to 5 people, $180

    Tier 2: 3.5hrs; 6-10 people; $300

    Tier 3: 4.5hrs; 11-15 people; $400

    Tier 4: 5.5hrs; 16-20 people; $500

Life Coaching

Ever feel like there is something in your way of acheiving all you want in life? Well, with the help of a life coach, you can find the solution! I have been certified in strategic life coaching and life purpose coaching, and I've also been trained as a master practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT Tapping). I combine all of these techniques to help you get to the places you want in life, by breaking through limiting beliefs, and working to uncover your passions so you can acheive all of the goals you set for yourself!

In strategic life coaching, we'll break your goals down into manageble timeframes to easily and effectively complete them. If you're not so certain what it is you want to acheive, but just feel there's more to life than you've experienced, we'll rewind into finding your life's purpose, then work toward acheiving the goals you set for yourself.

If needed during our sessions, we'll use tapping. Tapping uses the meridian points of the body in a way similar to that of accupuncturists, but without the needles. Tapping is done to replace unhelpful thought patterns with positive ones.

Session Description

All sessions begin with a refresher discussion of your needs and goals. Then we will go through your strategic plans and take care of anything that might be holding you back. All sessions are specifically designed for each client, so depending on your needs, we could find your purpose through a series of exercises, use tapping to release unhelpful thought patterns, use heart-centered breathing techniques, plus so much more. Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes from beginning to end. Sessions can be done in-person at your place of choice or virtually via Zoom or Google Meet.


Life coaching is most helpful when done over the course of 6-8 months, but sometimes all a person needs is one session to find their purpose and they are ready to roll without a coach! Typically you would meet with your life coach every two weeks for the first month, then once a month afterwards. As with all alternative ways of healing and helping ourselves, we only get out what we put in. You must be willing to do the work for yourself.


Each session is priced at $75. Discounts are given when purchasing multiple sessions. Initial consultations are 20 minutes and FREE!

Reiki/Tapping Combo Sessions

Combination Reiki and tapping sessions an excellent way to find immediate relief from many issues and symptoms. All sessions are 75 minutes in length. We will begin with a consulation for both therapies, then perform your tapping session, followed by 30-minutes of Reiki to further clear out the Energetic body, leaving you feeling exceptionally relaxed and mentally clear.


Combo sessions are $100. Payment can be split, with an upfront payment of $50 at least two weeks before session, and $50 the day we meet. Message for more details and to set up payment plan.