When Religion Hurts You - Laura E. Anderson, PhD (Details how high-control religions cause harm and how that trauma can manifest)

The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson (Discusses how emotions can become trapped in the body and how to remove them)

The Body Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson (Same as above, but more detailed)

Fast Like a Girl - Dr. Mindy Pelz (How to use intermittent fasting as a woman, utilizing your monthly cycle - and how to use fasting before you have a cycle or after menopause - for optimum results in overall health and healing)

Your Human Design: Discover Your Unique Life Path and How to Navigate it with Purpose - Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles (human design book that is great for beginners)

The Mindful Body: Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health - Ellen J. Langer (How our thoughts can impact our health)

Tapping the Healer Within: Using Thought-Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress - Roger Callahan (details how Callahan developed TFT for his psychiatric patients and how to use it for ourselves)


Deconversion Therapy - Comedy podcast meant to give reprieve to those who have deconstructed their faiths (mostly of the evangelical variety), or those who just like to get a giggle from the ridiculousness that can happen within religious groups.

Kwik Brain - Developed by Jim Kwik, who as a child suffered a traumatic brain injury, this podcast gives insights, tips, tricks, and interviews with guests who explore ways to increase your overall brain health.

Expanding on Consciousness - This podcast explores the "perspectives and ideas around conciousness."

You Can Heal Your Life - Interviews with guests and snippets of books that are releasing from the world of Hay House

Subconscious Mind Mastery - This podcast is about "Energy, subconscious programming, the law of attraction, intuition, parallel universe shifting, reality shifting, desired realities, and new ways of living."

Gaia Consciousness - lots of interesting interviews about all aspects of consciousness, from the scientific to the esoteric.

I love sharing books and podcasts that have helped me on my healing journey. Some are good for laughs, some for knowledge and understanding. I hope you enjoy these, as well!