Welcome to Seven Magnolias Healing!

I am so happy to be here to help you on your journey of self-healing! I love holding space for and guiding my clients on their paths, safely and judgement-free, allowing them the freedom to explore their inner-calling.

What Seven Magnolias Healing Does:

Seven Magnolias Healing provides clients the opportunity to live their most optimum lives by utilizing several approaches to self-healing. Whether you choose Reiki, EFT/TFT tapping, life coaching, or yoga, or a mixture of all four, I am here to help guide you along your healing journey, freeing you to live your life to the fullest. Most clients experience results after their first session.

reiki session
reiki session

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning "Universal Life Energy." Reiki practitioners learn to move energy with their hands to help the Body (physical, mental, emotional bodies) in self-healing. The majority of those who receive Reiki feel extraordinarily relaxed and calm. Reiki is performed while a client lies on their back on a table or seated in a chair, fully clothed, while the practitioner uses learned hand movements and placements to guide the energies to move freely, putting the Body back into equillibrium.

Because Reiki is Energy, a client can be in-person with the practitioner or across the world. Distance sessions are just as effective for those who cannot physically meet with their practitioner.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT), are sometimes described as "psychological acupuncture," because clients tap on points along their body's meridian lines. Practitioners guide clients through a series of tapping in combination with repetitive thought patterns, releasing them from all types of issues, from anxiety, fear, and phobias to headaches, trauma, and low self-worth.

Tapping is used during life coaching sessions, as needed.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is for anyone who feels they need direction in their lives. Using tools and techniques, clients can release fears of failure (or success!), narratives that hinder personal growth, and beliefs that impact a healthy mindset.

Life coaching provides clients with a touchstone for personal success. Clients are able to sort through thoughts and feelings of "why am I here?" "what should I be doing in life?" "what is my purpose?" to find who they truly are and what fills them with joy.

Life coaching sessions are done in person or virtually through Zoom or Google Meet.

Yoga is a practice that aims to unite the mind, body, and soul of the practitioner. In the west, yoga mainly focuses on pranayama (breathwork), asana (poses), dharana (focused concentration/inner awareness) and dhyana (meditation), but traditionally there are eight limbs.
Yoga helps with a plethora of things, from anxiety and low self-esteem to physical strength and balance. Most importantly, yoga is about connecting to and trusting your body, mind, and spirit.